Hey Guys, I’m Brooke! Want to know a little bit about me?!

Hey guys, I’m Brooke or as I like to call myself Brookie Crocker!

I decided to create The Sweet Prima Donna as a way to share with the world some fabulous recipes, pastry decoration ideas, and the life of a 17 (18 in 2 months! (: ) girl.   I’ve chosen to share with the blogging world my recipes and ideas so they can be enjoyed by others as much as they are by my family.  I’m a foodie by nature and am never one to pass up any food no matter what it is!  I love scouting out new places to try and truly wish I could sample every dish off the menu.. well the dessert menu anyways!  For the most part my blog will be filled with recipe ideas forskinnier/healthier sweet treats, but every now and then there will be some indulgent dessert recipes.  As a way to kick off my blog I’ve chosen to post some personal pictures of my life as a way to get acquainted with the blogging community and do a little about me.

So lets start from the very beginning….


Hi I’m Brooke & I’m the mastermind behind this blog. (;


I’m blessed with some super fabulous friends and of course an amazing family!



Oh and did I mention I have the coolest sister in the world Paige?

I’m a rising senior in high school getting ready to take on this upcoming year, and prepare myself for my new phase in life as a college student!

I spend my free time reading, which I’d do all day if I could, running, drawing, and pinning everything the slightest bit cute on pintrest, yet another of my addictions.

When I’m not taking part in one of the fun activities above or at school, you can find me in the kitchen whipping up something scrumptious.  As important as the taste is of the final product, presentation is almost equally as important to me.

My favorite food in the whole wide world is by far a brownie sundae with cookie dough and oreo ice cream, topped off with a healthy dose of fudge, caramel, and whipped cream!  The best of both worlds… a little bit of baked goods.. some ice cream.. and of course some more sweet from fudge and caramel.. geez its just one of those foods that makes life complete.


I love all things pink or sparkly and am a die hard Ralph Lauren and Lilly Pulitzer lover!

Which brings to why I chose The Sweet Prima Donna as my blog name.  For me this name stirs thoughts of pastries.. because ya know.. sweets, yeah.  And the Prima Donna is a representation of my girly girly personality and love of fashion!

Although I’m girly and do love my sparkles and pink things I never shy away from doing classic looking pieces.  For the most part I just want my blog to be fun, fun!  I hope to give the blogging world a piece of my personality through this blog!

Please feel free to share comments or contact me-

Email- thesweetprimadonna@yahoo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheSweetPrimaDonna

Twitter: @thesweetprimaD – https://twitter.com/ThesweetprimaD

Pinterest : http://pinterest.com/bbuckett3/

Hope you guys have a great day & Thanks for stopping by! (:




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