Top Things Tuesday! (8/28)

It’s time for…

Top… Things… TUESDAY!


Lets begin with the newest addiction of mine…

1.  IBC Diet Rootbeer

Yum, yum, yum in my tum.  This soda is delish!  I had stopped drinking soda for quite some time, like 2 years, and when I started drinking soda again recently rootbeer caught my eye. Rootbeer reminds me of my childhood, and all the rootbeer floats I drank ‘back in the day’… like in 2002, lol, yeah a very long time ago!  I can’t tell at all that this soda is diet because the artificial sweetener taste is overpowered heavily by the sweet vanilla flavors in the soda.  Love it!  If you are unable to find IBC brand diet rootbeer, I’d suggest A&W, which is the next best thing!

2. “We are never getting back together” – Taylor Swift

This song has been on repeat in my car for I’d say the past 4 days non-stop.  When I first heard it I have to admit I was not crazy about it at all, I think I actually said, “I hate this song, it is sooo teen pop.”  What was I thinking?  Silly me… thank goodness I’ve realized my wits in the past couple of days, and noticed what an absolutely amazing song, as usual, this song is.  I swear Tay Swift nails it everytime.  No one knows teen relationships more than Tay!

3.  Joules’ Wellies

(Photo not by me.  Via pinterest.)

I was pinning away the other day when I stumbled upon these little gems.  I love, love, love these for fall and the bow on them sold me no doubt.  They are so feminine, yet grown and classic, the perfect combination, so they’d be great for any age!  They no longer come in the red, but different color options are available on the site.  If these aren’t exactly your thing there a plenty of other adorable boots on their site to check out.


4.  Eye Candy-

(A screen shot of the site.)

The headline of the site reads ‘eye candy’ and those are the best words I can think of to describe this site.  Everything I saw on this site I loved!  It’s like looking at a mixed genre pinterest board I would’ve created.  This tumblr site is a collage of photos from house decor to hair & clothing style, and somehow they all seem to work.  If your style is feminine, classic, girly, glitz, or just everything I’m sure you’d love to take a look around.  It’s enough to keep you occupied for hours… well maybe more like minutes, but either way it’s awesome.


(Photo via pinterest.  Photo not mine.)

I know dedicating a whole favorite thing to something so small is a little crazy, but let me warn you they may be small in size, but man do they pack some flavor.  I’m not a candy eater, at all.  I’d take chocolate cake or ice cream any day over a bag of gummy bears, but I guess I can no longer say I’m not a candy fan because these have converted me to the sugar coated dark side!

P.S- Cherry is the best!

And now with an important announcement from my friend the original Willy Wonka who makes these delicious gems:

(Photo via Pinterest.  Not my photo.)

6. S’mores

I listed s’mores as my last favorite, but I’m pretty sure I should’ve made it number one.. I mean I did eat a bajillion in one s’mores in all different forms this past week.  I’ve munched on campfire style s’mores, and s’mores in ice cream form courtesy of Edy’s, and then I got to enjoy them straight out of my oven.  I can’t say any one is better than the other.. I mean they are all s’more flavor, nothing beats that!

(Photo not mine. Via google)

S’mores Slow Churned Ice Cream by Edy’s

130 calories of heaven per 1/2 cup scoop.. All I can say is holy goodness me this should be illegal.  Thank goodness it’s only limited edition because I literally eat it daily.  It’s that good!  Creamy chocolate ice cream (I don’t even like chocolate ice cream) mixed with chunks of chocolate chips, puffy marshmallows, and then the most delicious graham cracker swirl I’ve ever tasted.  I know I sound like I’m super talking this up, but honestly it’s that good!

I also couldn’t get enough of these no campfire required S’more Chocolate Chips Cookies.. so easy, and so satisfying!  Plus they’re skinny!   Save yourself some extra meat on the waistline and a trip outside, and bake these up tonight! (;

(Photo by Me- Brooke B.)

87 calorie Skinny S’mores Chocolate Chip Cookies! A gooey, butter-y chocolate chip marshmallow cookie baked on top of a sweet honey graham cracker, and topped with a creamy piece of hersey’s chocolate!

The Link for the post:

I hope you all enjoy some of the things I mentioned above & the last couple of days of summertime!  If you have any questions about anything listed above feel free to give a shout out. (:

What is it you’re loving this week? 

P.S-  Here is last week’s recipe wrap up (click any link below to get the recipe):

Skinny S’mores Chocolate Chip Cookies

(Photo by Me- Brooke B.)

Skinny Glazed Cinnamon Bun Cupcakes

(Photo by Me- Brooke B.)

Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake

(Photo by Me- Brooke B.)

Chocolate Chai Tea Bread (a guest post from my friend Kym at The Free Spirit Eater)

3 responses to “Top Things Tuesday! (8/28)

    • They’re fabulous! I’m a die hard ice cream fan, and I’ve tried many different brands, and I have to say nobody beats Edy’s because it tastes like real ice cream, instead of the usual icy low fat/ low cal ice cream. Hope you enjoy the s’mores as much as I do! (:

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