Moist Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Muffins! (130 calories & Fat fat!)

I’ve been craving some delicious, super moist, banana-y banana bread like you wouldn’t believe!

I’m not one of those people who love sweet breads or muffins, but I find that every once in a while out of no where I wake up dying for something like a big, moist muffin… the only problem is I don’t wanna kill a half days worth of calories for something that isn’t a huge slice of chocolate cake, which would totally be worth the half days worth of calories, ahah.

So yesterday I woke up thinking, “wow, I need a some banana bread right now.”  My taste buds were screaming “banana bread!”.   So I listened to my tiny little buddies, and that’s how I came up with these tasty muffies!  Of course no dessert of mine would be complete without a healthy dose of chocolate, which I fulfilled by tossing some chocolate chips into the batter, yum!  These muffins have NO fat.. yes you read that right.  No fat!  Yippee!  And don’t get scared by this because you’d never, ever, ever know!  Plus they are only 130 calories a pop!   These muffins are super moist, and the banana flavor is present, but not over powering.  I also loved the little hint of cinnamon, which played nicely into the flavor of these gems.

(Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins!  Photo by Me- Brooke B.)

Right after these came out of the oven I saw how beautiful they looked, and I knew they were gonna be great!  So I waited a few minutes for them to cool, then I dug in.  I called my Sister into the kitchen to split a muffin with me, and she said, “I just ate, but I’ll take a bite.”  I said, “Okay than I’ll just eat whatever is left.”  She took her first bite, looked at me, and said, “Never mind, I want it!  You are the best baker ever!”.  God how that girl makes my day… always there to boast my confidence.  I also shared these with my Dad and Friend who both thought they were delish and had no idea they were fat free!   What a happy girl I was.  Tricking my friends and family into eating healthy treats without them even knowing… what a good daughter and friend I am, ahah.

Chocolate Chip

Banana Bread (Fat-Free!)

(Photo by Me- Brooke B.)

Recipe loosely adapted from

Servings 12

Calories per serving- 130

Fat– 1.7g

Fiber– 1.5g

Protein– 3.1g


1 & 1/2 cups all purpose white flour

1/4 cup Brown Sugar

4 pckts of Stevia in the raw (about 2 tbsp & 2 tsp)

2 egg whites

3 over ripe bananas (mashed)

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 & 1/4 tsp baking powder

4 tbsp applesauce, unsweetened

4 tbsp semi sweet chocolate chips


1. Preheat oven to 355 degrees, and line a 12 muffin pan.

2. In a large bowl whisk flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, and baking soda.  In a separate large bowl mix bananas, applesauce, and egg whites.

3. Pour banana mixture into flour mixture, and add chocolate chips.  Stir until just combined.

4.  Bake for about 15 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.  Cool for up to 5 minutes, then remove from pan, and place on cooling rack.

5. DEVOUR!  (;

(Look at those chocolate-y chips!  Photo by Me- Brooke B.)

(These yummy Banana muffies would be great as part of a nutritious breakfast, or as a light snack!  Hope you and yours enjoy them as much as my banana hungry taste buds did!  

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