Thanksgiving Festivites! Spreading the holiday cheer from my house to yours!

For Thanksgiving this year I had an awful lot to be thankful for.  My health, my family and friends, the roof over my head, my education, and many other wonderful things.

A week ago my best friend lost her life to a terminal illness called Cystic Fibrosis.  Taylor was only 18 years old, but her passing has made me reflect on the life I lead, and by example of her life I’ve decided to live with no regrets, and not care what others think about what I do because I am who I am and that is all I can be.  If there is one last thing I could say to Taylor it would be that she has inspired me and so many others to evaluate our lives and find new meanings.  I’m honored to have been able to call her my best friend since the day I was born, and I know that although she is no longer here with me in physical form her spirit forever stays with me, and she’ll continue to be my best friend for the rest of my life.  

(Tay & I as babies, Tay & I at my 18th birthday party, and the last two are Taylor in the park, and at her prom this past year.)

Anyone’s death makes you think, and is always sad, but it is always hardest when the person is so close to you.  Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful though that you were even fortunate enough to have had these wonderful people in your life, so Tay I love you girly, breathe easy.


To celebrate Thanksgiving my family and I started our day off at my Aunt’s house along with my Dad’s brother and his family, my Aunt and her family, and my grandma.

(My sister and I.  Thanksgiving 2012)

(My cousins & I.)

(All the cousins, we’re a little excited to eat if you cant tell!)

(Dinner- Photo by Me)

We had a delicious 5 course dinner that consisted of stuffed mushrooms, antipasto and kalamata olive bread, italian wedding soup, turkey dinner & all the fixings, and of course dessert!  Everything was fabulous, and I have to thank my family for coming together to make such a yummy meal!

(Dessert- Photo by Me.)

For dessert I whipped up red velvet cupcakes, brownies, reeses cookie cups, white chocolate cranberry cookies, and a pumpkin pie… all skinny of course!

Click here for the recipe for: Reeses Cookie Cups (Only 80 calories a piece)

The rest of the recipes will be up over the next couple of weeks, remember the holiday season is upon us so these recipes are great for any time!

After leaving my Aunt’s we headed to my Mum’s parents house and hung out with them for a little while.  And we finished the night with Taylor’s family!  Such a great day.

Now I’m not a believer in black friday because I feel as though in some respects it ruins Thanksgiving because people have to work, so they lose out on time to be with their family and lose the option to travel to visit family and friends, but I broke the rules and went out shopping anyways.  My friend Kev wanted to get a 50′ TV, so we headed out to Target at 10, waited in the freezing cold, and right at 12 we were let into Target.  Kev got his TV and was quite the happy camper.  I have to say it was a good deal, and I’d be willing to wait in the cold for a couple of hours for a good deal, but for a couple of days waiting like some people did at my local best buy… now that is a whole other story!

I’d like to know all about your Thanksgiving festivities and favorite recipes you may have from the holidays that you’d like to see made skinny.  Or if you’d like to share a black Friday story go for it!

Thanks for stopping by!

2 responses to “Thanksgiving Festivites! Spreading the holiday cheer from my house to yours!

  1. I know how hard this last month has been for you, I’m so proud of how you’ve handled yourself and Taylor would be proud of you too! I love you-

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