Top Things Tuesday- Holiday gift ideas & some of my favorites this week!

I haven’t posted a Top Things Tuesday in a little over a month, which makes me sad, but on the flip side it’s kind of good because that means I have tons of content to pack into this holiday inspired Top Things Tuesday!  I’ve decided to make this post both a mix of my favorite things, whether it be music, items, or inspiration, and also post some things that are on my santy claus list for great lower cost, fun gift ideas!  Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, as I do, I hope these items and things inspire you to take a look for gift ideas for your own holiday celebrations, or even great birthday gift ideas!

Next week’s Top Things Tuesday will be dedicated to my favorite holiday recipes to help you come up with ideas for food for your holiday feasts!

So to begin this weeks Top things Tuesday we start off with:

Gift Ideas!

If you know me on a very personal level than you know that I LOVE Etsy… I mean LOVEEEEEEE.  Well if you didn’t know that, now you do, so  I guess you can say we are on that ‘that’ level now, aha.  Anywho, I love Etsy because the items on there are generally very unique, and I’m also an avid supporter of small business because without it where would we be, and I also give props to those people out there working their butts off to make a name for themselves.  Also I find handmade, or one of kind items to be of better quality  generally than the mass produced target items.  Don’t get me wrong though I don’t hate on Target, I actually like it quite a lot, but you get my point handmade is a good way to go when you have the option, and also a lot of the times the prices on Etsy are very affordable!   So what I’m trying to say I guess is check out Etsy I think you’ll really like it.

1. Mixer & Whisk Necklace

My first gift idea is off Etsy, which is why I just went on a rant about the site, and several other items on my list are also from there.  This super cute necklace is handcrafted, and unique in design.  I’ve never seen a mixer/whisk necklace before, and when I saw it I just knew I had to have it!


It is only $14.99 from the Treasured and Charmed store, which also has a lot of other great one of kind pieces of jewelry.

2.  Stackable, Word Rings

For those of you who aren’t bakers, or don’t want to embody the baking spirit through jewelry, these rings may be more up your alley!  I love these, and think they’d be a great gift for a person with their own names on them or a word or phrase.  It’d also be a good gift for a mom with their children’s names on it, or maybe even grandma!


These are made by the store Cinnamon Sticks, and are $18.00 per ring.  She writes “I hand fuse, forge, and stamp fine silver to create these little rings.  They are oxidized to bring out the letters. They have a beautiful organic, aritsan look.”  These are beautiful, and super inexpensive for a ring you can wear everyday with any outfit!

3.  Iphone Case

When I saw this case I knew it was a must on my Christmas list!  I mean it looks just like a hostess snack.  Now I have to ‘fess up because I’m not a hostess fan, but I do like a homemade hostess cupcake just as much as the next guy.  This case is cute for anyone, but the Curious Case LCC store also has other fabulously cute cases that anyone will love!

This is my favorite:


For those of you who don’t want to be tempted to break your diet every time you look at your case, then these cases may be more suited for you!


Did somebody say wedding gift idea!


This case is a little odd, but all the more it is super fun, and different, I mean when was the last time you saw a british monetary iphone case?

And just because I want to make you drool…


That’s it for my baking related Christmas items, except for some food colorings, frosting tips, and baking bag of course!  If you’d like to take a closer look at my Christmas list for gift ideas head on over to my pinterest Santy Clause List board, which you can find here.

Now changing gears to some of my favorite things for the week!

1. Taylor Swift’s album Red

Okay, Okay, I know first off this album came out a little over a month ago, so I’m a little late and yes, I know, it’s Taylor Swift.  Although I’ve tried to dislike her music because it’s so mainstream, and pop, I can’t deny the girl has amazing amounts of talent, and her music is awesome.  It’s fun, relatable, and whether your 18 and going through the things she is describing or if your 30 and been there and done that you’ll enjoy it.  Usually I don’t love every song on an album, but I can’t say that for this album.  I’d have to say my favorites are 22, Red, and The Lucky One.  Check it out on itunes, or spotify!


2. Power Station

I love pinterest because of not only the wonderful, yummy food posts, but also the great ideas people share.  This power strip idea is something I HAD to pin when I saw because I always find my cords in a tangled mess on the floor, and this looks like it might finally be a solution to my dilemma!  Thanks pinterest!


The link leads you to a site where you can purchase this box: here, or if you’d prefer to do as I’m going to do you can use this as a model to creating your own for essentially nothing!

3.  Lilly Pulitzer Gingerbread house!

With the holiday season upon us I know a lot of us are beginning to make Christmas decorations, cookies, and of course gingerbread houses, and with that I set out to find ideas for each of those on pinterest.  While skimming through the gingerbread house ideas I stumbled upon this house, and knew this was my kind of gingerbread house.   Pink and green christmas?!  Does it get any better than that?!


For a more in depth view of this Lilly house head on over here

4.  “A Team” by Ed Sheeman

All I have to say is Ed, you have the voice of a god, the lyrics of a mastermind, and I love you.  Listen to “A Team” here, or head on over to itunes to check out Ed’s hit.  He will be opening up for Taylor Swift’s Red tour, which may or may not in your own opinion elude to his musical genius.

5.  Skinny Reeses Cookie Cups!

What would top things Tuesday be without me telling you how much I’ve enjoyed a food that past week?  I chose my Skinny Reeses Cookie Cups because not only could I not stopping eating them right out of the oven, and at Thanksgiving, but my family could also not resist them, nor could my sister who is not a sweet lover!  At only 80 calories a piece these are great to whip up for a night at home, or to add to your holiday table!

sFor the recipe click: here

I hope you all enjoyed this fun filled post and I look forward to sharing with you all next week with some of my favorite delish holiday foods!


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