Top Things Tuesday… Holiday Recipe Ideas (some skinny ideas too)!

Hello Everyone!

The Christmas count down is on, and I’m beginning to get oh so excited!

For those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays to you as well!  Many of us are gearing up to prepare feasts, and getting all our shopping done!  This week I’ve decided to share with you appetizer and dessert recipes I love, and would like to share with you so your family and friends, as well as yourself can enjoy them as much as my family and I do!  There are also some recipes posted that I haven’t tried, but look delish and have gotten rave reviews, so be sure to check those out! If you didn’t see last week’s Top Things Tuesday be sure to head on over and check out some cool holiday gift ideas!

Appetizers Recipes


Hungry Girl Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip

This dip is insane, and never seizes to fail.  Every party I’ve brought it to everyone loves, and it is often times requested by friends & family to make it!  And not only is it insanely delish, it is also SKINNY!

dsc_0342Baked Apple & Brie

To be honest, I’ve never made this recipe before!  I’ve had Baked Apple & Brie many times, and love it!  This recipe looked great, so I decided to link it.  I usually purchase a Baked Brie with cranberries in puff pastry from Whole Foods because it is my favorite, so if you are lucky to have a Whole Foods near you I’d definitely recommend it!

If you are looking for a skinnier version I’d definitely check Gina’s Baked Brie Cups!

mushroomstuffie Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

I loveeeeeee stuffed mushrooms, especially those with seafood in them!


Hot Caprese Dip with Tomato & Basil

I have not tried this dip, but when I saw it on pinterest I had to pin it!  I mean look at that gooey cheese, delish!

Dessert Recipes


Reeses Cookie Cups (Skinny- 80 Calories)

They are buttery.  Sweet.  Rich.  Indulgent.

And only 80 calories.

Eat some.


Skinny Chocolate Chip Cookies (50 calories a piece)

These cookies are great, and have all the flavors of a regular full fat cookie!  I love them and find myself making them often just for the heck of it to enjoy.  The picture above shows pink cookies, but feel free to use red or green dye for Christmas, or blue for Hannakuh!

And if you aren’t a chocolate chip fan you could always give my Butterscotch Heath Cookies a try!

photo 1


Sugar Cookies (Skinny- 48 calories)


For me Sugar Cookies are a must for the Holiday Season!  I love the soft, butteriness of a delish sugar cookie!  These are very similar to the Lofthouse Soft Sugar Cookies and have Skinny Buttercream frosting to make them extra yummy!


Peanut Butter Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

(formerly Knock You Naked bars)

I know it’s a mouth full… of goodness that is!  These bars of soft, chewy, sweet, but not too sweet.  Oh man I could not resist I ate four big squares all by myself, and everyone else at the cookie party couldn’t stop raving!  They were great.  The only change I made was to make my own cookie dough rather than use packaged premade dough because I thought they’d be even better with homemade cookie dough!


Salted Chocolate Cookies with a Caramel Center

A fabulous lady at the cookie party the other night made a version of these cookies that were to die for!  I decided to scour the internet for the recipe, and came across these bad boys that look equally as yummy!


Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Holy yum, yum, yummmmmm!  This looks like it’s going to be heaven in my mouth!  I’ve had this pie pinned for quite sometime now and have waiting for the perfect opportunity to give it a go, well Christmas is that time I’ve decided.  This pie doesn’t look as though it is for the faint of heart, so for all you PB lovers out there… I’d say live a little, and indulge in this yumminess!


Now that you’ve got all these recipes at the tips of your fingers I hope it’ll inspire you to give one a try and share it with your family!  Spread the Holiday Joy with these yummy recipes and let me know what you think!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!



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