Homemade Christmas Treat & Packaging Ideas! (Recipes for Skinny & Full Fat Treats!)

Top Things Tuesday is here once again.  Every week I’m flabbergasted by how fast Tuesday comes.  All week I sit and ponder what I should share with you all.  I always consider what I would find of interest if I were reading someone’s blog because those of you who are reading my blog probably have similar interests to me when it comes to food talk, especially if you’re a reader of this blog!

So after some consideration I chose to share with you homemade from the kitchen gift ideas for Christmas.  I’ve kicked this ‘homemade’ idea around the past couple of years, but this year I decided to give it a go because I wanted my gifts to be more special, and from the heart, and also I needed to cut back a bit on spending this season, so I’ve decided to go the homemade route.

The ideas I’m sharing come mainly from things I’ve been pinning on pinterest.  None of the ideas are mine, so if you see something you like be sure to click the title below the photo, and it will link you to the site.

1.  Candies and fudge

These gifts are great to package in little boxes  and tie with ribbon or adorn with a bow to make the packaging look festive!


Cake Batter White Chocolate Truffles

 (Recipe by : The Novice Chef Blog)

These truffles are insanely addicting, and I don’t use that lightly!  I made these for my 18th birthday party, and Everyone, I mean Everyone loved these babies!  After my birthday party I even got 3 orders from people to make them a batch just so they could have them around the house.  Now here is the best part, even better than the flavor, well almost, they take like no time to make!  The most time consuming part is waiting for them to dry, no worries, stick them in the freezer and I’d say these could be made in under an hour.  (This recipe makes a lot of truffles too, I’d say close to 40 or 50!)


Five Minute Chocolate Fudge

(Recipe by:  Rachel Ray)

This fudge is to die for.  Make a plate of it in my house, and by the second day it’s completely gone! Let that be the indicator of how yummy this fudge is!  And by the way there are no lies when they say this recipe takes 5 minutes, its literally a breeze.  The only note I have to make is that when my family & I make this fudge we always leave out the dried fruit, and nuts because frankly it’s more delicious without it, and you can really taste the wonderful tones of chocolate and butterscotch!



(Recipe from: Nestlé)

To be quite honest I’m a sucker for a good buckeye.  I could pop these things like candy.. oh wait they are candy, maybe that is why.  Aha, well if you’ve never had a buckeye, or are looking for a really wonderful recipe to share with friends and family I’d highly recommend this one!  I made these for my birthday and they were great!


Healthier Dark Chocolate M&M Fudge

(Recipe by: Chocolate & Carrots Blog)

This one is for all you trying to be good around the holiday season!  Now I’ve never tried this recipe, but I read the post and it sounds like it’s a great recipe.  I’ll definitely be giving it a go, of course a Skinny dessert blogger needs to try ‘healthier‘ fudge, I mean healthy and fudge in one sentence.. this recipe is truly a god send!

2.  Cookies & Bars

Here are some great ideas (skinny & full fat) to accompany your candies & fudge!  Wrap them up with your other sweet treats, or in a tin or box of their own!


Butterfinger Caramel Bars

(Recipe by: Cookies & Cups blog)

I haven’t had the chance to make these bars just yet, but I have them pinned away for a rainy day!  These look, and sound great, so I’d say if you’re a butterfinger lover or caramel lover give them a go!

Now if you lean more towards Caramel and Peanut Butter, then I’d give these lucious Knock you Naked Bars a chance, which I wrote about in last weeks post.  I made them for a cookie party last week and they were great!



Seven Layer Bars

(Recipe by: Brandi @ Tastykitchen.com)

I’ve had Seven Layer Bars many a times growing up, but recently I had them at Thanksgiving and a new love affair bloomed.  My Auntie made these bars using natural coconut shreds, and good quality chocolate, and used fat free sweetened condensed milk.  Now I couldn’t find that exact recipe because she had just modified the original, but here is the basic recipe, in which you could make the modifications yourself.  These bars are simply delish, and oh so easy.  One pan, no mess!


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

(Recipe from:  Eats well with others blog)

I made Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars last Christmas, and they were a hit.  This isn’t the exact recipe, but very, very similar, and I bet equally great!  I highly recommend these to accompany you at your holiday table, or in the cookie boxes.. your friends, and family will love them no doubt!

Now for some Skinny Cookies & Bars!

Minolta DSC

Lighter Seven Layer Bars

(Recipe from: Abbey Cat Chat Blog)

Like I said lovin’ the Seven Layer bars.  I’ve never made them light, but from the decadence of all the full fat ingredients in this recipe I bet you’ll never notice!

photo 1

Skinny Lofthouse Style Sugar Cookies with Skinny Buttercream Frosting 

(Recipe By:  Me- Brooke B.)

These cookies are soft, buttery, like the Lofthouse style you purchase from the supermarkets.  The skinny Buttercream frosting on top of these cookies make them taste just like a full fat sugar cookie.  Decorate them with sprinkles for the holidays, or color the frosting. At only 48 calories per cookie, indulge yourself!

cookies 2-bloh

Skinny Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches filled with Skinny Buttercream Frosting

(Recipe by:  Me- Brooke B.)

These cookies sandwiches are great!  I brought them to a cookout this summer, and the whole plate was gone within 10 minutes because so many people went back for seconds.  These sandwiches consist of chewy, yet soft buttery chocolate chip cookies, and skinny Sweet Buttercream Frosting!  At only 125 calories a piece you can’t beat them!  Color the cookies red, or green to make them festive!

butterscotch heath

Skinny Butterscotch Heath Cookies

(Recipe by:  Me- Brooke B.)

All I have to say is butter = love.  Yum.

45 calories per cookie.

3.  Cute Packaging Ideas-

Here are some ideas for giving out your treats!


Natural Packaging 


Economical Ideas


Classic Idea


Glass Jars

I hope these ideas have inspired you to give homemade gifts a try this year!  Feel free to comment with your favorite homemade treats you share every year, I’d love to see, and give some of them a try!

Happy Holidays!


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