Winter Ombré Cake & How to make an Ombré Cake!

Hello Everyone!

Today’s post is going to be simple and sweet.  I wanted to share with you all a cake that I made for my Sister’s birthday yesterday.  Everyone loved the look of the cake, and although it looks pretty in the picture it definitely doesn’t do the cake justice because it looks magnificent in person!  I chose to make a blue ombré cake, but of course you could do this with any color you’d like!

photo 2

This cake is very simple to make.  

Making an Ombré Cake:

Directions for Pre Frosting:

1. Start with a freshly baked, cooled cake.  Any flavor will do, here are some ideas (clicking them will bring you to the link):

Homemade Funfetti Cake

The BEST Moist Chocolate Cake

Skinny Chocolate Cake

Skinny Red Velvet Cake (I’d double this recipe for a cake)

2. Whip up a batch of my infamous Buttercream Frosting or any white vanilla frosting of your choice.  The frosting must be white so that the food coloring can work.

3. Apply a crumb coat.  (Now for those of you who are unsure of what a crumb coat is it is just a very thin layer of frosting that coats the entirety of the cake in order to hold down the crumbs, so when you are frosting it with the pretty layer of frosting the crumbs don’t come up into the frosting.)  Once you’ve crumb coated your cake, whip up yet another batch of frosting.

Directions to frost:

1. Divide the frosting evenly amongst 4 small bowls.

2. Tint one bowl the lightest shade of the color of your choice, the next a bit darker, the next one the darkest shade of the color and leave one bowl white.

3. Now starting with either your white frosting or darkest colored frosting apply a ring of frosting about 1/3 the ways up from the bottom of the cake and go around and smooth it out.

4. Next apply your next lightest color the next 2/3 of the cake, making sure to smooth out the frosting, and lightly blending the two colors on the edge where they meet.

5. Then apply your third color, and do the repeat the above step.  Be sure not to completely frost the cake because the top either needs to be the lightest or darkest color depending on which you choose.

6. Lastly use your darkest or white color to frost the top of the cake and blend the edges where the darkest or white frosting meets the other color.

7. Now decorate the cake as you please.  I chose to sprinkle the cake, and use cookie sugar decorations, but you could simply leave it plain ombré and write on it, and it’d look equally as beautiful!

photo 1

Here is also another ombre cake that I did earlier in the year if you’d like to see another example:


This is a cake I made for my cousin’s birthday.  I opted to only use 3 colors, so one could argue that it is a color block cake, but I actually think its ombre because I blended the colors.  For this cake I used light blue, light purple, and white, and sprinkled the top.  

Like I said though, feel free to use any color, or colors you choose!  This is where you can get creative, maybe a red ombré cake with green sprinkles or a blue ombré cake for Hannukah, the options are endless!


To conclude this post I just want to wish my wonderful little sister a very happy birthday!  I love you so much, and couldn’t ask for a greater blessing in my life!

photo 4

photo 5

Hope you enjoyed this post!

See you tomorrow with Top Things Tuesday!


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