The first Favorites Friday!

So prior to my little break from The Sweet Prima Donna I had been running a series of posts, which I had dubbed ‘Top Things Tuesdays’.  These post consisted of my weekly favorite things.  From music, to food, to my favorite kitchen goods, or a super cute piece of clothing or an accessory I thought was worthy of sharing.  My Mom always used to say how much she loved these posts and looked forward to reading them and discovering cute things she had not seen before.  When I told her I was going to start blogging again she was ecstatic and promptly asked me if I would continue to do ‘Top Things Tuesday’ and in response I said ‘yes’, because not only do I love sharing my favorites with you all, but I also love pleasing my Mamabear!

‘Top Things Tuesday’ will be continued, but with the new direction of The Sweet Prima Donna comes a change in the schedule of my posts, so from now on ‘Top Things Tuesday’ has been moved to Friday and it is called ‘Favorites Friday’.  Tuesday will now be my day to post my weekly recipe, so you will get to hear from me once at the beginning of the week, and once at the end of the week!  I love staying in touch with my readers, so this schedule seemed like the perfect way to do so!

Now for the fun stuff…..

Favorites Friday has begun!!

1. Simply 7 Quinoa Chips- Barbeque flavor


These are simply delicious.  Honestly wasn’t sure what to expect considering they had such a short ingredient list with no bad ingredients and they were made with quinoa.  A lot of the potato chip alternatives I’ve tried such as Special K. Chips, Lentil Chips, and Veggie Straws have all been good, but none have really struck me as something I’d like to enjoy regularly as a snack or with lunch.  These chips will most certainly be a staple in my house, as I didn’t just love them, my Mom and Sister did as well.  You know they’re good when an 11 year old gives you the thumbs up and goes back for seconds.  For the health benefits of these, a whole 8g of protein in a 130 calorie serving, which by the way is 20 good sized chips, the fabulous taste, and reasonable price I’d say these chips are definitely a winner and worth trying!

Click Here to Buy them on Amazon 

2.  Mason Jar Measuring Cups


Sooo…. I’m a pinning addict.  There is not a day that I don’t end up on pinterest at some point or another, although most days I’m on there a couple times a day.  I may be only 19, but pinterest is already making me think about all the things I’d like for my apartment after college.  I’ve got a wants list for my kitchen.. sigh.. if only I had a kitchen to myself.  Maybe I’ll convert my bedroom to one and just leave a bed in there, haha.  Anywho, these cute little measuring cups will be one of my first purchases if I don’t end up buying them before that for my family’s kitchen.  They include a 1 cup measure, a 3/4 cup, 1/2 cup, and 1/4 all that you need!  If you’re not into Mason Jars they also have an old fashioned milk jar set that is super cute as well.  Check it out!

Click here to purchase

3. Movie- The Great Debators


This movie is one that I’ve put off for quite a while.  My Mom always knows the best movies to watch and always offers to watch them with me, but me being stubborn me is always set that movies that I haven’t heard of aren’t going to be good because if they were why haven’t I heard of them.  Good reasoning Brooke… Haha.  Well lucky for me my teacher thought it was worthy of being viewed in our History Course, so we watched it this week.  I absolutely loved it!  The acting was fabulous, the cast was a great mix, and I loved the story line and the history and politics I was able to take away from it.  It was an extremely moving movie and I would highly recommend you watch it ASAP.   It’s a must see.

Click Here for a link to the trailer

4. Song- Young Love by Kip Moore


This song is just pure adoreableness.  Just ugh, sigh.  No words!  If you’re a teenage girl you’ll love it because you can relate, if you’re a woman you can relate as I’m sure we’ve all experienced this feeling at one point or another.  It’s a feel good song that you won’t be able to get enough of!

Click Here to listen to it on YouTube

5. Favorite Sweet Recipe- Loaded Cookie Bars!


Um, yum!!!!  A thick, super soft cookie in bar form stuffed with m&ms… I know this is something I wouldn’t be able to resist if they were in my house!  They’re certainly not healthy, but if you’re looking for a quick dessert after dinner or an easy recipe to whip up for a party these would be a fabulous choice.  They require only a few store bought ingredients or things you may already have at home and only require 25 minutes to bake!  I love how easily you could spice these up as well just by changing up the mix ins.  Maybe add some white chocolate, chopped up pieces of your favorite candy bar, or dried fruits!  The options are endless!

Click Here for the Recipe

Well folks!  These were some of the super fab things that caught my eye this week.  I hope you enjoyed my picks, I’d love to hear about some of your weekly favorites!  Feel free to leave comments and share with me what you’re loving this week!



P.S-  Here is some of what I’ve been up to this past week!

photo 2

I made these super cute candy jars for my Mama for Valentine’s Day!  They took me less than an hour altogether to make and cost me $10 altogether with the spray paint being the costly buy!  If you have some laying around this project is essentially free!  I can’t believe how simple these were to make and the fact that you only need 4 items to make them (mason jars, spray paint, glass candle stick holders, and hot glue).  I purchased my silver spray paint from Michael’s craft store and candle sticks from the Dollar Tree.  The mason jar and other jars I had lying around the house, as well as the glue, but you could also purchase those as well from Michael’s.  I would definitely recommend making this project as they are super versatile (you could use them for candy jars or just decoration) and adorable!  The link to the how to is below!

Click Here for the How to

photo 3


I also made these delicious Skinny cookies!  Who can resist a White Chocolate Drizzled, soft chocolate chip cookies for 48 calories… no one that’s who!

Click Here for the Recipe


Lastly I made my favorite kind of Dessert Pops, Sugar Cookie Dough Pops!  They’re most certainly not skinny, but hey.. they are worth it, so don’t think about it and try these babies!  They will be one of your favorites, guaranteed!

Click Here for the Recipe


(A nice close up of the pops.  Photo by Me (Brooke B.) )


(A Valentine’s Day order of Sugar Cookie Pops I made.  Photo by Me)


Me enjoying a pop on VDay!  Of course Valentine’s is my favorite because of all the scrumptious treats.. oh, and the love, yeah that too ;p  Just kidding!  The love is the greatest!  Hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s!

Till next time! xoxo

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