Friday Favorites! Nail Polish fun, Super easy delicious brownies and more!

Happy Friday Sweet Prima Donnas!


 And a very happy Friday it is!  If your week has been like mine, it has been a long one.  I’m looking forward to enjoying my weekend doing homework, homework, and oh more homework.  Haha, but that’s okay!  At least it’s obligation free and I’m heading towards a new week, which means a fresh start!

Although this week was longer than most it certainly wasn’t a bad week.  I don’t believe in bad weeks, as there are always good things everyday, even if they are the simplest of things, like something yummy you ate or your nails looking super fab because you painted them an awesome color!  Fortunately both of those things happened to me this week and therefore they are both a part of my Friday Favorites!  Without further ado.. Happy Friday Favorites!

Friday  Favorites!!

1. Essie Nail Polish Color- After School Boy Blazer


(Not my photo)

I paint my nails about twice a week, as chipped nails are one of my greatest pet peeves.  I painted my nails this color and I couldn’t have been happier.  I absolutely am loving the recent navy blue nail trend and this color is a fabulous shade of navy.  I also really love Essie polishes because they usually tend to chip for me.  I use my hands a lot, washing dishes, baking, etc and I’ve found Essie stays on the best.  So if you’re looking for a pretty color to paint your nails this weekend I’d definitely check this color out! (:

Target- $8.50 or Click Here to purchase online

2. I Don’t Dance by Lee Brice (Song) – Click Here to Listen

I heard this song of the radio and basically began to cry immediately after hearing the chorus.  Maybe I’m the biggest girly girl/ romantic sap every, but I’m pretty sure any girl will find this song absolutely adorable.  Genuinely an incredibly sweet love song about the lengths a guy will go for a girl when he loves her.  Lee Brice, you’ve done it.  This song is lyrical genius.

3. Cake Mix Brownies

IMG_7095(Photo from Cookies & Cups Blog)

If these sound weird, please do not let it deter you.  These. Are. Amazing!!!!!!!!!

Fudgey, chocolatey, indulgent, absolutely delicious, and the list goes on and on and on!  SOOOOO great!  I ended up making these because I only had cake mix in my baking closet and didn’t feel like heading to the market or making them from scratch.  They came together in under 5 minutes, more like 2, and were out of the oven in no time.  I added chocolate chips and butterscotch morsels to mine, which definitely took them up several notches and masked the cake mix flavor.  I highly recommend adding the chips as well.  They will still be good without them, but they definitely make them more of an indulgent brownie.  So if you have a Chocolate Mix hanging around I’d suggest you run to the kitchen… Now!

Click Here for the Recipe 

4. Homemade Personalized Mug- Craft Idea

5c56b0a6b6615680da0d0957c44fe2a1(Photo via Pinterest)

A couple weeks back I saw this craft idea on Pinterest and it was just too easy and adorable to pass up.  You need only 2 supplies and your creativity when it comes to this project is limitless.  You can write or draw whatever you’d like on your mug.  I’ve posted a few ideas below of mugs I’ve liked.  All you need for this project is a white mug, any shape or size(I purchased mine from the Dollar Store), and a black sharpie.  I have not used other colors so I can not vouch for them, but I’ve heard colors easily wash off the mug and that black was the only color that stayed on.  Anywho, so to complete this project all you need to do preheat the oven to 350, write/draw on your mug, place the mug in the oven on a cookie tray for 30 minutes, let it cool, and that’s it!  A piece of cake!  I hope you all give this a try because you can truly create some adorable mugs and what beats a personalized mug to make you smile in the morning as you sip coffee?!

9f7acad79f12b8e1c972e219050964a92b363d5b5ce6d15dc97510a76131112c(Photos via Pinterest)

I hope you all enjoyed and give some of my favorites a try this weekend!  Have a great weekend!


P.S- If you missed this week’s post I whipped up Skinny Gluten Free Magic Bars (133 calories per bar).  They were absolutely the most delicious bar recipe I’ve ever made and were almost all natural and pretty healthy for you as well!  Everyone loved them and they definitely cure a sweet tooth.  Be sure to check them out if you like sweet, gooey, coconut-y, chocolate deliciousness!


Click Here for the Recipe

(Photo by Me- Brooke B.)

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