Top Things Tuesday! My new favorite nail polishes, DIY gifts and more!

So, Top Things Tuesday is a time for me to share with you all what I’m currently loving or lusting over.  It ranges from the cutest nail polishes to creative DIY projects that I find on Pinterest because if you know me you know my Pinterest is loaded with DIY pins.. you could call me a Pinaholic, but hey, I think this might be a good addiction.  Anywho!  This week I’m sharing with you some of my favorites in hopes that you will enjoy them soon!  Without further ado, here is Top Things Tuesday!



1.  Essie Nail Polishes- No Place Like Chrome & Set In Stones

If you’re looking for great quality nail polish look no further than Essie.  I love their array of unique colors and out of all the nail polishes I’ve tried I find Essie to be the best, even better than OPI, which most nail salons use.  I’m currently rocking the No Place Like Chrome and using Set In Stones as an accent over No Place Like Chrome on my ring fingers.  I feel super festive with the metallic and I think it works great for Christmas and New Years Eve!

$8.50 on .  Can also be purchased at CVS, Rite Aid, or Target.


2. Gingerbread Sugar Scrub

I made this scrub last year as presents for a few of my friends.  They all loved it and I loved it too (I made myself my own little stash (: ).  I simply couldn’t help it after smelling how awesome it smells.  This is a wonderful last minute present, stocking stuffer or gift to yourself.  It smells wonderful, is inexpensive, easy to make and works well!  I highly recommend!

Idea via:


3.  DIY Blanket Crate

I saw this wooden storage crate on Pinterest the other day and had to pin!  I feel like again, this is a wonderful item to gift and it’s a plus because it’s adorable, easy and pretty inexpensive.  It also is super cute to make for your bedroom or living room.  As a gift, I would wrap this up with a cute pillow and blanket!  Can you say, adorable!!

Idea via:


4.  Toffee Crunch Chocolate Cookies

All I have to say is I can’t scroll by these without literally wanting to bite through the screen.  Anything toffee is a major draw for me and I feel like toffee with the butteryness of a cookie would just be heavenly!  Yum!  Perfect goodie to bring to Christmas or New Years!

Recipe via:


5. Funfetti Cake Batter Cookie Dough Brownie Layer Cake

After looking at the picture of this cake many a times I’ve decided there is nothing in the world more delicious than this.  It’s like all my favorite treats in one.  Cake, cookie dough, brownies, and frosting all at once?  Yes please!  This cake is literally a party in itself, therefore it needs to be brought to your holiday parties because I’m sure it’ll take the party to the next level!

Recipe via:


6.  Canaan Smith – Love You Like That (SONG)

So, if you know me you know I’m a super country fan.  I absolutely love country music’s adorable lyrics, the heartfelt lyrics, and even some of the sad songs because you know I’m a girl and we’re a sucker for those things.  This song’s lyrics are strong and romantic.  I also adore the beat of this song, just so good!  So if you’re looking for a song to listen to to get you into country music, this is it!


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Top Things Tuesday!  Also, for my fellow Christmas celebrators, Merry Christmas!  I will be back Friday to share with you my Christmas and a delicious dessert recipe for New Year’s parties!




Here are some of my other favorites… desserts that is!


Hostess Inspired Ding Dong Cake 


Easy Cake Mix Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

 IMG_0477Skinny, Healthy, Gluten Free Magic Bars




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