FRI-YAY Favorites! From my winter essentials to my chocolate faves!

Happy Friday Sweet Prima Donnas! 


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Today I will be sharing with you some of my favorites from this a fabulous week! From the yummy healthy drinks to the best movie I’ve ever seen here is this week’s Friday favorites:

1. Bai 5 drinks


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I’m a huge Monster energy drink fan and recently came to terms with how bad they are for my heart and body.  They are loaded with nasty chemicals and tons of caffeine, which is a recipe for disaster.  In an effort to try out healthier alternatives that provided me with energy and still tasted super yummy I tried the Bai 5 drinks and boy am I happy that I did! These drinks taste wonderful and are also low in calories. Although they are low in calories they do not use the artificial sweeteners that are bad for your body and they also do not have an aftertaste, which is something that I really liked about these. I highly recommend the Pomegranate flavor and Tanzania Lemonade flavor in non-carbonated and the Blood Orange for carbonated!  I found these bad boys at Target 3/$5, but click (here for non-carbonated) or (here for carbonated)  to purchase them on Amazon in case you can’t wait to try them!

2. Brownie Brittle

Foil bag package isolated on white background

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Looking for a way to treat yourself, but don’t want to feel the guilt?  Well this is definitely the treat you’re looking for! The flavor of these is unbelievable. They taste exactly like a brownie and I highly recommend the salted caramel brownie brittle as it has my two favorite flavors- salted caramel and chocolate brownie goodness- doesn’t get much better than that! The single serving bags only 120 cal and is a sizeable serving size. Run out and get some now!

Click here to purchase

3.  Nutella Brownies By Baker By Nature


(Photo via Baker By Nature)

Recipe Here

So Brownie Brittle just isn’t cutting it for you?  That’s okay because you can totally go make these delicious looking Nutella Brownies.  Just covering your bases for you!  Enjoy!

4.  Lush Bubble Gum Sugar Lip Scrub  &  Honey Trap Lip Balm


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Purchase Scrub (Here) & Balm (Here)

These two items are a heaven send in the winter.  My lips have been so dry and shall I admit peel-y.  Well, the scrub has definitely been a life saver in terms of exfoliating and it just happens to taste ah-may-zing.  Just like Hubba Bubba- that’s when you know it’s good.  The Honey Trap Balm is also wonderful.  It keeps my lips so nice and moisturized and again, I love the taste!  These products not only are wonderful, but also vegan, all natural, freshly made, and not tasted on animals.  Can you say winner!

5. American Sniper


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View Trailer Here

I have been dying to see this movie and get to go this past weekend with my boyfriend.  To say that this movie did not touch me in a profound way would be a lie. This movie was extremely heart wrenching but something that I think everyone should see as it not only gives you a glimpse into the heroic life of Chris Kyle, but also gives you more in-depth view of what our soldiers sacrifice everyday on the battlefield. I left the movie with an even greater appreciation all our troops do and highly recommend seeing this movie.

6. More Than Miles by Brantley Gilbert (Listen Here)


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Brantley Gilbert songs are always a winner when it comes to country music and this is no exception. His love songs are always the sweetest and this is one of my favorites! So whether you love country music or not, but you know you want to because country is the best lol, I definitely recommend the song; it’s a great one!

PS- just throwing it out there.. you may just want to listen to the whole CD because he is just that great.  Check out his CDs here!

Thank you for joining me here at the Sweet Prima Donna!  I hope you enjoyed my weekly favorites and go out and try some of them for yourself so they can become some of your faves!  


PS- If you’re really looking for the real MVP of the year…. try this fudge recipe.  SO easy and SO delicious.  Five minute fabulous winner right here!  Great for a treat, gift, or Friday indulgence! YUM!

Delicious, Simple 5 Minute Chocolate Fudge

Click HERE for the Recipe!

photo 3

(Photo by Me)

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