Sharing my journey to body positivity & how to get there!

As a disclaimer, this post is a little different than what I usually write about, but I feel moved to write this post, therefore I feel it’s a good one to post.  I changed the name of my site going back a few months ago because I wanted to start sharing some life ramblings between recipe posts to spice things up around here and this post appears to be the segway to making Sweet Prima Donna a lifestyle blog on top of being a baking blog.

Today’s post is about something that is near and dear to my heart and a matter that I feel passionately about.  A recent chat with my dear friend got me thinking that a post on Body Positivity would be beneficial, as I am someone who has a good amount of body confidence, despite not being a size 2 and having overcome an eating disorder just a few short years ago.

Some of you may know that last week was National Eating Disorder Awareness week.  I choose to share my before and after picture on Instagram and Facebook because I wanted to show people who need help that recovery is possible and that an eating disorder doesn’t have to be a battle you have to lose.  I also wanted to show that even those who seem to have it all together don’t always have it all together.  We all have our issues, that means ALL of us, and mine happened to be disordered eating, which is very common.  Recovery was not easy.  I can remember looking at a plate of food and crying because I literally was scared of it.  I was scared those calories would get into my body and instantly turn to fat.  Slowly but surely I began to eat and noticed I didn’t explode.  Counseling didn’t help me, but after sitting down with a nutritionalist weekly I was made aware how important calories were to just keeping the body alive and the importance of different nutrients in the body and that made me realize just how important it was to eat if I wanted to live and of course I wanted to live!  After about a year I was really able to eat on my own and be responsible about actually eating my food and eating what I actually wanted, not what my eating disorder was telling me to eat/not eat.  I’ve gained a bit of weight since recovering, but am no longer scared of that weight.  That weight is a sign that my body is back to being healthy and I am truly blessed to have a nourished body. I am now almost 4 years recovered and better than ever!  I feel happy, I am healthy, and I am confident!


(Photos of me: Pre- Recovery vs. now)

Confidence my friends has taken time.  Like every girl I still have my days of feeling not so hot, but I choose to believe I am beautiful the way I am and nobody will tell me otherwise.  This is not meant to sound cocky, it is meant to say that God created me with this body and I am proud of it because it is just the way it is meant to be- healthy!  Healthy is the new hot!  Also, I am a firm believer in internalizing compliments.  If someone tells you “You’re beautiful” soak it in!  When you compliment someone it is to make them feel good/happy, so when someone gives you a compliment it’s okay to take it in and feel good.  That’s what its all about.

In our society it’s not always acceptable to take a compliment, instead we say, “oh no, you’re way prettier” or something silly.  Instead of brushing the compliment aside, thank the person and take it in.  It’ll leave you feeling good and the person will feel good that the compliment got across.  Additionally, in our society I notice that nowadays I hear a lot about how women shouldn’t feel pretty all done up or there is no need to have your makeup and hair done to the nines.  I don’t know about you all, but I know that I feel best when my makeup and hair are done nicely in the morning.  This is not because I care that other’s are going to think I look more beautiful, but because I feel more put together and when I feel put together I feel better about myself- such a confidence booster and makes me happier throughout the day.  This is not to say that the girls who don’t like/wear makeup have to do their makeup, but it’s to say that if you put on a nice outfit and tidy your hair, rather than wearing bed head out you’re sure to feel good.  Who doesn’t like tidy?!

body image post

(Photos via Pinterest)

Lastly, confidence truly comes from within.  Believe you’re beautiful and it will radiate from you.  Remember, there is no need to be cocky to be confident.  Confidence is feeling good about yourself, not just because you look good aesthetically, but because you know you’re beautiful inside and out.  Be a good person, take joy in life, and laugh a lot and you’re sure to be more beautiful in no time!  All of those traits are simply irresistible.


 (Photo via Pinterest)

I hope you all enjoyed Today’s post and leave feeling super duper beautiful!


 If you’d like more information on Eating Disorders/Disorder Awareness please click here.

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