Springing into Spring with these Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday Sweet Prima Donnas!

Yet another week come and gone and where did it go!?!  I wish I could tell you, but as always it went by too quick to recall.  The highlights of my week were hanging with my girlfriend who is home on Spring break from DC, enjoying a 50+ degree day of sunshine (yay! It’s been in the 20’s for what seems weeks now!), and wrapping up mid-semester week, which means VACA this upcoming week.. yippee!!


(A photo from my week – Myself & my best friend playing Easter dress up in Target)

This week was also made possible by some awesome looking treats I pinned, listening to my fav music, daydreaming about Easter decor and other fun stuff that I’m here to share with you today!  I hope you enjoy!



(Photo via Etsy)

Easter Bunting – Etsy

Seriously, how cute is this?  Pretty sure it doesn’t get much cuter!  So adorable to adorn the fireplace or hang on a wall.  Absolutely LOVE this and Etsy.


 (Photo via Pinterest)

Bunny Bunting- Homemade

If you’re looking to get a little crafty for your Easter decor this is a super cute idea.  I know this is on my to-do list!  Again, perfect to hang on a mantle or to adorn the wall and I love that I can pick the colors, so I can make multiple strings and they’ll all look unique!



 (Photo via Pinterest)

Caramel Delites/ Samoa Inspired Toffee

Recipe via Created By Diane

Okay, so I’m that girl that gets a box of Samoa girl scout cookies and finishes the box within a few days all by myself.  I can’t stop they are seriously so addicting!  Toffee is also another serious weakness of mine.  I’m talking I could eat 10 heath bars if you let me at them not even caring how stuck in my teeth they are the buttery sweet taste basically makes for toffee candy crack, so when I saw the two mixed together I thought pure genius, pure deliciousness.



(Photo via Pinterest)

Banana Nut Brownies

Recipe via I Heart Nap Time

If you’ve got a less obnoxious sweet tooth then I do and toffee just doesn’t do the trick maybe these will!  I love banana bread and these look insane with the thick layer of cream cheese frosting.. YUM!  Great treat for a brunch, dessert, or for an Easter!


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 8.02.59 PM

(Photo via Pinerest)

My Spring Closet Board on Pinterest

I decided to include this so you guy’s could see what I’m loving and looking forward to wearing this upcoming season (be sure to comment below with the links to your Spring Clothes boards so I can check out all your cute stuff)!  The little bit of warm weather and sunshine has thrown me into a Spring Fever.  I cannot wait for sunshine, bright clothes, and barefeet! All the finer things in life.



 (Photo via aerie.com)

Aerie Cat Eye Sunglasses

We all know every Spring and Summer look is only complete with a cute pair of sunnies and these are too cute to pass up!


(Photo via radio.com)

Kip Moore- Dirt Road

It seems I have a new country music obsession each week and this week’s is Kip Moore!  He’s got such a deep, raspy voice and it truly adds to his country sound.  Dirt Road was one of the first songs I heard by Kip Moore and it quickly became a favorite, if not my favorite of all!  It has the country message, while also being an adorable love song.  It’s a winner!

Thanks for visiting me here today!  I hope you enjoyed this week’s favs!  Be sure to stop by next Friday where I’ll be celebrating Easter a little early by sharing some delicious Easter food, treats, decor, and Easter bunny gift ideas!  See you then!


Looking for something fun to do this weekend? 

How about whipping up a batch of….


(Photo is my own)


Just 5 ingredients & 5 minutes away from making your favorite cookie evah!

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