25 Fun Facts About Brookie Crocker aka Me!


What is your middle name?: Lorena

What was favourite subject at school?: Definitely History, followed by Spanish!  History was always my favorite because I truly believe the best way to learn is from the past and language has always come easy to me, plus I love the culture component, so Spanish was great!

What is your favourite drink?: Very tough… A margarita I’d have to say!  Non-alcoholic would definitely be a Vanilla Latte.

What is your favourite song at the moment?: Jackie & Wilson by Hozier.  Absolutely OBSESSED with every song on his album, but this song has such a fun tune to it.

What is your favourite food?: Eek.. I kind of really love food, so this a really tough one.  I’m going to have to go with either crab rangoon, oh yes, or nachos.  Love me some good nachos.

What is the last thing you bought?: I bought 2 Malcom Gladwell books yesterday: Blink & What the Dog Saw.

Favourite book of all time?: I’d say The Great Gatsby!

Favourite Colour?: Its always been pink, but honestly I love love love gray so it’s one of those.

Do you have any pets?: Yes, I do!  Three awesome kitties.  Bo, Benjamin, and Bradley.  All little cuties!

Favourite Perfume?: Hollister- Malia.  I know 6th grade, but literally heavenly!

Favourite Holiday?: Christmas, of course!!!!!!  So many pretty things, like lights and sparkles, plus there is great food and I get to spend lots of time with the family.  Can’t beat it!

Are you married?: Nope

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Yes, just once so far, but hopefully that’ll change!  I’ve been to Bermuda when I was much younger.

Do you speak any other language?: I can get around in Spanish, working on becoming proficient.

How many siblings do you have?: One sister, Paigie Bear

What is your favourite shop?: I’d have to say Nordstroms or Ann Taylor Loft

Favourite restaurant?: I’ll go with chain restaurant so more folks will know what I’m talking about and for that I would have to say Tokyo Joes, which is a Midwestern Asian chain

When was the last time you cried?: Probably a couple of days ago, haha.  Sappy things get me

Favourite Movie?: Going to have to go with a few- Mean Girls, Shawshank Redemption, and Forest Gump!

Favourite TV show?: Love American Horror Story, Parks & Rec, The Office, and any shows on the History Channel

PC or Mac?: Mac all day

What phone do you have?: White iPhone 6

How tall are you?: 5ft 5

Can you cook?: This one is debatable (:

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