Top Things Tuesday- My favorite healthy snacks

So, every week I take a little time out to think about things that I’m currently loving and that I feel are worthy of sharing.  As I sat and thought this week, a few ideas came to mind: favorite brownie recipes (because hi, I love brownies!), favorite cosmetics (for my lady friends), or some of my favorite kitchen tools (because the kitchen is my second home).  Well, they all sounded good, but since I’ve been on a kick the past few days with getting back to eating as naturally and healthy as possible I decided brownies would certainly not be a good idea because I’d just want to go make all the recipes, cosmetics just started to seem irrelevant, and kitchen tools (whisks, mixers, etc) would just make me think of all the sweets I’d love to be eating, haha.  With this in mind, I decided to share something nutrition related and related to last week’s post in which I shared some of my top choices for healthier alternatives to my favorite junk foods.

Junk food is great and all and I’m obviously not going to lie to you, of course I crave it, but honestly there are plenty of healthy snack choices that are not junky and are just absolutely delicious the way they are.  Below I’m going to share with you some snacks (savory & sweet) that I don’t choose to eat solely because they’re healthy, but because I just plain think they’re delicious!  Some are packaged, because its great to have delicious snacks on the go, while others are good to munch on when you’re around the house.  Hopefully they’ll give you some great ideas to add to your snack choices!  All are under 250 calories, which is a reasonable snack/small meal size.

Without further ado, here are my top wholesome snacks:

Blue Diamond Almonds, Bold Wasabi & Soy


To be honest, I’m not the biggest almond fan there ever was, but with these I cannot stop eating!  The flavoring is absolutely delicious, and bold as the name says, and reminiscent of my beloved Asian dishes!  They come in at 170 calories per serving and have 6g of protein, which keeps my hunger pretty satisfied.  Highly recommend, great snack on the go!

Purchase here on amazon or in your local supermarket.

Also comes in Habanero BBQ, Jalapeño Smokehouse, & Lime n’ Chili.


Hapi Wasabi Peas, Hot


These babies are addicting and I can pop these peas like candy beans.  If you can’t tell I LOVE wasabi and even the word love may be an understatement.  For 55 pieces it’s only 130 calories, plus you get 4g of protein!  Great choice if you’re craving something savory & crunchy.  My only complaint is their use of food coloring & palm oil, which doesn’t note being rainforest safe.  They’re highly inexpensive though at $2 a bag (I purchased at Target) and quite nutritious for a snack, so they had to make my list!

Purchase here on Amazon or purchase at your local supermarket or Target.

Also come in Sriracha (Chili & Garlic flavor)


Way Better Snacks So Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips


I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say I really enjoy chips, but just like everybody else I’ve got to stay clear because once I get munching I can’t stop and I know that what I’m eating is pure junk.  These chips still have a good amount of calories, but the ingredients are great- all organic, non-gmo, and they’re super delicious!  The Sweet Chili reminds me of a better version of Sweet Chili Doritos.  Imagine better than a dorito?!  I swear its true & you’ll feel so much better knowing your arteries are staying clear & no chemicals are entering your system!  They’re 130 calories for a 11 chip serving and have 3g of fiber & 2g of protein.

Purchase here on Amazon or in your local supermarket.

Also comes in Spicy Sriracha, Sweet Potato, or plain Multi-grain white tortilla.

For non-packaged foods my favorite go to snacks are:

Veggie Plate

Sliced grape tomatos and sliced green peppers, which I salt lightly , (so good and gives me a salt fix) & I also have a serving of carrots along side some garlic hummus, which is about 110 calories snack altogether and is super nutritious since it’s all fresh!  Just make sure you get a good hummus brand. (:

Deli Delight

Another one of my favorite snacks is a slice of American cheese and a serving of sliced deli style turkey (about 3 pieces).  This snack comes in around 150 calories and punches a nice kick of protein.

Now for my (not so sweet, low in sugar) sweet picks….

KIND Nuts & Spices Bars

When I’m craving something sweet KIND bars are kind of my jam.  They’re like healthy versions of my favorite candy bars, holler!  They’re made mostly of nuts and generally have a small coating on the bottom which gives them their indulgent flavor. My two favorite flavors are Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt (200 calories, 7 grams of fiber, and 5 grams of protein) and Caramel Almond & Sea Salt (200 calories, 7 grams of fiber, and 5 grams of protein).  They’re also non-gmo, gluten free, and are low glycemic. Both clearly are great, filling choices if you’re craving a sweet or just need a hearty snack!

Purchase here Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt or Caramel Almond & Sea Salt here on Amazon.  Also available at your local supermarket or Target.

Other flavors available: Almond & Coconut, Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate, Fruit & Nut Delight, Almond & Apricot, Apple & Cinnamon Pecan, Fruits & Nuts in Yogurt, and more!



Looking for a sweet indulgent treat?  Larabars are your new best friend!  It took me a couple times, but after that I felt like I was eating some cookie dough  and I couldn’t stop eating them.  I was so obsessed I decided to try and make them at home (which I did successfully!  See recipe here) because they were so great!  I highly recommend these and like the KIND bars they’re also highly nutritious- all around 200 calories, there is 3g of fiber & 4g (6g in the Peanut butter bars) of protein in the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor, which is what about all the other bars have as well!  My favorite flavor is definitely the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (it’s like eating raw cookie dough- oh, yes!!) and the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (which is just like a PB cookie, basically heaven for me!).  They’re also non-gmo, gluten free, kosher & made with fair trade chocolate.


My Healthy, No Bake GF Chocolate Chip Cookies RECIPE (Larabar inspired)

Purchase here the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Flavor and browse Amazon for the other flavors they have to offer.  Also available at your local supermarket or Target.

Also available in Carrot Cake, Peanut Butter Cookie, Blueberry Muffin, Apple Pie, Cashew Cookie and more!

Somersaults Crunchy Nuggets


Lastly, I’ve got to mention these bad boys.  They aren’t your typical sweet, not really sweet at all, but somehow they were one of my favorites instantly.  I love sunflower seeds, so maybe that’s what compelled me as much as they did, but I think I really love them because they vaguely remind me of less sweet chocolate covered sunflower seeds, which I love!  You can definitely taste the cocoa powder and the sunflower seeds, so if you’re fan of both those- try these!  They come in at 150 calories per 10 nuggets and offer 3g of fiber, 4g of sugar, and 6g of protein. They’re great with coffee, as dessert or just to munch on throughout the day, like I did today!

Purchase here on Amazon or likely at Target (where I purchased).

Also available in Sea Salt and Cinnamon Crunch.

Strawberry (banana) Split

If you’re looking for a healthy snack at home I highly suggest a big bowl with 1 cut up banana, a few cut up strawberries, sprinkled with stevia and if you’ve got it around Truwhip (one of my favorite things- a healthy, clean version of cool whip!)!  It’s the perfect alternative to Strawberry Shortcake (; and just 150 calories (for 1 banana, 4 strawberries, a packet of stevia, and a 2 tbsp serving of Truwhip)

That’s a wrap folks!  I hope you’ve been inspired by some of my picks & will try some to expand your healthy snacking choices!  Happy, healthy snacking, friends!



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