Valentine’s Gifts for Bakers & Sweet Lovers

So Valentine’s isn’t all about the gifts.  It’s about the love you feel from those around you that makes for the magic of the day.  I’ve got to say the extra love in the air always does make my heart flutter and puts an extra big smile on my face, but I also look forward to giving cheesey love cards to my special people and getting them a little special gift!  Everyone has their unique style, likes and dislikes, so sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to find that ‘right’ gift, but I’m always up for a challenge, especially a shopping challenge.  Could it get any better?

I’ve decided to make it easy for those of you who like me, like buying your special somebody/somebodies a little something-something.  That special somebody/somebodies being a baker or sweet lover.  Everyone may not be a baker, but who is not a sweet lover?  Especially not on Valentine’s Day… Everyone loves sweets on Valentine’s Day, right?



Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer

As a baker I’ve got to say something I desire most is a free hand mixer, like this one here. I’ve got a wonderful classic stand mixer from Kitchen Aid that I loveeeee, but I often find myself wishing I had another mixer that I could use to mix ingredients in the bowl its in so I don’t have to constantly keep washing the standing mixer’s bowl each time I want to mix something new.  I chose this free hand mixer because it’s a Kitchen Aid, so you know it’ll be great, plus it comes in fabulous colors, like this pink here, and it’s less than $50 on Amazon… Woah, deal!

Order here on


Sweetheart Retro Vintage Apron

When your girl wants to look cute in the kitchen you get her something like this..  Pink, sassy, and fun!  Could you find a cuter apron.  I’d feel like a little 50’s kitchen queen in this!   If your girl isn’t a ‘pink’ girl, the Creative Chics Etsy store has plenty other cutesy aprons to choose from.

Order here on



Baking Tee

If your girlfriend is the honest type, she’ll be the first to admit baking is cheaper than therapy, lol!  Love this tee and the sang.  Comes in black, white, and grey.

Order Here on


Coffee & Cupcake Mug

I’m a sucker for mugs.  One because I love how cute and unique each one is, and two I’m a huge coffee drinker/fan!  Whenever I find a fun mug I’ve got to have it.  I mean, I’ve got to.  People think it’s funny because I’ve got so many, but it’s great because each morning I look forward to picking out my mug to drink from.  Each day is a new day & new mug.  This mug is super cute and so true- cupcakes & coffee are all you need.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Order Here from


Dark Sea Salt Caramel Squares

Chocolate is a must for Valentine’s in my book.  What is better than chocolate?  Chocolate filled with Sea Salted Caramel- obviously!  These squares are absolutely scrumptious and just the right size.  Basically I mean you can eat multiple and not feel bad. ;p

Order Here on 

I’ve also bought at Target & Rite Aid


Edible Arrangement 

If your sweet is a sweet fan, but trying to be a little ‘healthier’ here’s a great, absolutely yummy alternative!  Edible Arrangements.  I love, love, love the quality of their dipped fruits and they’ve got a wide array of arrangements to pick from.  Can’t go wrong!

Order Here at


Gigi’s Cupcakes

Probably one of the best gifts ever you could give to a sweet lover is the gift of Gigi’s cupcakes.  They’re absolutely the best cupcake I’ve ever eaten in my life.  Unfortunately Gigi’s aren’t available in every state, but I’ve shared the link below to see if you can purchase them within your state.  When I lived in Colorado they were a staple in my diet (healthy, right?!) and when I visited Tennessee I went twice in a day (again, just me being healthy!), so point is here- get them if you can.  You won’t be disappointed!  Sorry for my Northeast peeps- we are out of luck!

Order online here 


My last gift idea for your sweet loving somebody is for you to homemake them a sweet gift!  Below I’ve included some fabulous Valentine’s recipe if you feel so inclined to give the best gift you possibly can, which is a homemade gift!


Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Sugar Cookie Dough Pops


Delicious 5 Minute Chocolate Fudge


Skinny Pink Chocolate Chip Cookies

Well folks, that is a wrap!  Wishing everyone a super sweet, love filled Valentine’s Day!



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