About Brooke

Hi I’m Brooke.

 A twenty-something year old recent college grad beginning her life in the big ol’ world!


My life is extremely busy between work & juggling my busy life.  I spend my free time savoring my time with my boyfriend, exercising, shopping, traveling, whenever possible, because come on, who doesn’t love traveling?! (HUGE Europe fan.. World travel is definitely top on my Bucket List!) , reading, hanging out with my lovely family and friends when I can and pinning everything the slightest bit cute on pinterest, yet another of my addictions.

I ❤ vino (specifically sweet whites like Moscato), cozy PJs, a great fitting pair of workout leggings, thrifting & Thai Food!  My favorite dessert is definitely a warm brownie sundae!    When I have time to watch TV, which is rare, but happens I’m a diehard HGTV groupie and also an avid fan of the Office & Holiday Bake-Off shows on Food Network plus a big fan of any show on the History Channel!   My favorite color is a toss up between pink and sparkles, yes I consider sparkles a color, haha.


(Side note- I happen to love cookies too!  Must be because my nickname is Brookie Cookie!)

If you want to learn a little more about me here’s some good ole fun facts!