About Brooke

Hi I’m Brooke.

 A twenty-something year old in my junior year of college in the Northeast.


My life is extremely busy between school, work and juggling my life.  I spend my free time on school work, lots of school work, jogging, which is a new found passion of mine, shopping, traveling, whenever possible, because come on, who doesn’t love traveling?!, reading, hanging out with my lovely family and friends when I can and pinning everything the slightest bit cute on pinterest, yet another of my addictions.

My favorite dessert is ice cream, specifically I would have to say Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Brown-ie Ale, seriously the bomb!    When it comes to TV, I’d have to say favorite show is American Horror Story, which is odd considering I’m such a girly girl.  I’ve also come to love Parks & Rec and The Office, plus any show on HGTV or History Channel!   My favorite color is a toss up between pink and sparkles, yes I consider sparkles a color, haha.


(Side note- I happen to love cookies too!  Must be because my nickname is Brookie Cookie!)

If you want to learn a little more about me here’s some good ole fun facts!